Samen maken we de wereld een stukje mooier

Who is

Home » Who is is raised in 2019 by MsToya Bailey, Rippie Clip and Petra Oximoxi.
We are an active group of people at the online platform Second Life. For many years we are active at Dutch actions to raise money for several good charity programs.
After the management of those Dutch actions decided to stop we kept the feeling not to be ready to stop with raising money for charity programs
After a conversation about our feelings we desided to start our own charity event.

We wanted to make it not to difficult because even we have our own experiences in charity events it’s very important to keep survey all.  So we went Back to Basic. You request a song and donate and the DJ spins your requested song.

We chose for Charity because it sounds nice, SL because we keep this event in Second Life and .nl because we are Dutch and the website is also found right away. And like this was born.

Are the 3 of us
No, are we all together, the Team of DJ’s, Hosts, and background helping hands and all of you who embrace the charity’s.
Together we try to make the world a bit more beautiful. To give others a chanche for a healthier life.

To show you:“You are not alone. There are people who cares for you and try to help you and others in need.”