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Donation kiosk and Joining our group

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We have donation kiosks on different places in Second Life. This way we can reach more people through out the year for donations.
The donation Kiosks are combined with the donation option, contains an information board with English and Dutch info and a Groups joiner.

At the next page you can find where the donation/join kiosks are located: Donation kiosks Inworld

Or past this URL:  Inworld in your local chat, press enter and the link for joining shows up in local chat. It’s free to join.
Ofcourse we understand it’s not great to be short in groups and because of that we als have a Subscriber to stay informed.
You can find the subscribers at:

If you want a Donation and/or subscribe kiosk of at your sim, in your shop or club or you know a place where the kiosks are welcome please make contact Inworld with Rippie Clip.