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De line up: We have 5 amazing artists! Two of the artists are from Dutch soil who contribute and sing during 2021

ღღ HEDY ღღ (hedy.patrucci)
Hedy’s career in music began at the age of 6 when she performed at a local event with her brothers. The first song she sang was “Daddy’s Home”. Hedy comes from the Netherlands.
Today, Hedy mesmerizes her audiences with her unique soulful voice, bringing to her stage many years of music experience and performances in real life. With a great mix of genres and a large repertoire of songs you will be amazed with the vocal talent and range. A great vocal talent that brings much humor, laughter and stories to her stage.
Music has always been Hedy’s passion and she always looks forward to sharing a song with you, sung from her heart.

That makes Hedy a real entertainer who is making her concerts a special moment and is one of the reasons Hedy always gathers a happy crowd on her shows. From the time you land at the venue to the very last minute of her show, Hedy will make you feel like being part of a big family, just enjoying beautiful songs.

Meeshy is from Amsterdam,Netherlands.
Meeshy started out in the music industry 20 years ago drumming in 2 European metal bands but has since focused more on his singing. From rock to rap, reggae, ballads to current day pop. Meeshy not only sings something for everyone, he brings an energy and fun to every set that people just can’t help getting caught up in and enjoying themselves. He writes and produces his own originals aswell.

ღ ŞŧíииĄ -Şкẏ ღ
Stinna´s amazing velvet voice has been described as magically smooth and soul soothing. She mesmerizes her audience with versatile sets that are a variety of melodic, upbeat and playful tunes. Stinna has a wide range of musical styles to pull from so you never quite know what she will have for you but she’s always open to requests from her extensive music list and whatever she sings it will be full of passion with a little humor thrown in. Stinna also has ~ MEADOW ~ – for music and hang out. Go check it out!

ll ƜIƝƬƐɌ ll
Winter started music at the age of 7 by learning the piano. 8 Years later he picked up the guitar and started learning by himself. Fast Forward 25 years later, with 6 Albums under his belt released world wide, having played in over 12 countries with his RL band, Winter has also decided to try out singing in SL. He started his acoustic shows in Second Life in 2019. Playing covers of a variety of Rock Styles from Classic to New Age to Pop Rock and even Heavy Metal. People say that he “Winterizes” his covers and makes them his own. His playlist consists of songs from Metallica, Bon Jovi, Elvis, Michael Jackson, to Nightwish, Shinedown, Greenday and Anything and Everything in between. He says that the emotion and the reaction that he can receive from the crowd drives him and makes him strive to be better.
“That moment a song, a voice, a piece of music can touch the true part of your inner soul, you will remember that moment forever!”

Khiron’s provocative voice, is the result of a lifetime of professional musicianship (since 1986) in her real world, and many years in virtual worlds (since 2009).
Khiron attracts people from far and wide to hear her singing 70’s & 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, Progressive Rock, Disco, Jazz, Contemporary Ballads, and more.
Her spirit brings you a big smile and a good feeling. Join her shows and you too will fall under her golden spell.

Having fun with your friends and singing along with your favorite singers and all for a good cause! So invite all the friends, make sure you’re there and support 2021. Stay tuned for the time-table and more info! 2021 vind plaats van 25 November – 28 november 2021 in actie voor KiKa. 2021 event shall on behalf of KiKa be held from 25-11-2021 till 28-11-2021.