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Brit Trafalgar sings for 2023 for KiKa

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Brit was singing for 2023 for KiKa last night. Live and direct from her ironing board in Cumbria, UK, Britt is fairly new to the SL entertainment scene. She sings an eclectic range of popular music. Her first love though is the songs of the 60’s. Britt hopes to sing a song you’ve long forgotten but remember you loved. With a lively sense of humour, she aims to bring a smile to your face.

How long have you been singing? And how did you get into Second Life?
Well, I’ve been singing in SL for almost 5 years. I only sing in SL as I’m actually quite shy in RL (few would believe it, but it’s true). I’ve been in SL for almost 16 years now. I did leave for a few years (the usual broken heart story) but returned in 2017. I’m not sure I remember what brought me into SL, but I know what’s kept me here…the people you meet that you’d never meet in RL. My oldest friend in SL is Dutch, and we’ve laughed our way through SL for many years now. He’s also coached my pronunciation for when I sing “Leun op Mij” in Dutch. It’s not perfect I know, but apparently it is understandable LOL. That Dutch G!!!

What made you decide to join in and perform here at Why do you think it’s so important to raise awareness for childhood cancer?
I am always very honoured when I’m asked to sing for a charity. Particularly when it’s something that is close to my heart. In RL I work with children. I’m not sure what it’s like in NL, but here in the UK, children’s health is often pushed to the back of the queue with a “they’ll get over it” attitude. Which is why we must as a society raise awareness of childhood cancer and other conditions that affect children, because children matter as much as adults. I don’t care which country they’re from, if someone finds a cure for this vile disease, then the whole world will benefit, so I gladly give my support to KiKa.

What would be your wish when you think of KiKa or children and their families who have to deal with the consequences of cancer on a daily basis?
My wish when I think of KiKa or children and their families when dealing with cancer is that they know they are not alone, people do care, people want to help which is why I’m doing my bit!

Hope this helps,

Love Britt xx