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Vanellope sings for 2023 for KiKa

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Vanellope is a native Filipina. She started her singing career at a very young age. She had entered some singing competitions in real life and had won for some time. Her learning experience was when she became active in the church and was given the job of music coordinator for many years. Now she’s here in Second Life showing her talent to soothe and restore your heart. Vanellope is a lot of energy, everything from quiet ballads to uptempo songs that hype you up. Her spontaneity motivates others to participate. Vannelope sang her heart out and made the KiKa donation boards rise even more!

How long have you been singing? And how did you get into Second Life?VanelIope: I have been singing here in Second life for 3 years now, I started here last Aug 2020 that was when pandemic hit the world thats why I was pushed to sing her to support my family as our business in real life was bankrupt because of forced to locked down.

What made you decide to join in and perform here at Why do you think it’s so important to raise awareness for childhood cancer?VanelIope: Every chance I get to sing for wonderful cause I dont miss it. Anyone asking my help I’ll be glad to do it heartedly.

What would be your wish when you think of KiKa or children and their families who have to deal with the consequences of cancer on a daily basis?
VanelIope: I wish and hope for the best for them whatever undertakings they may have that they will overcame and won the battle they have. Wish them for the healthy and prosperous years to come.

Thank you for the performance you gave Vanellope, you were amazing!