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Christine Sunshine sings for 2023 for KiKa

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Na Paradorn was het de beurt aan Christine Sunshine!

Van filmnummers tot de hits van de afgelopen decennia, Christine Sunshine verlicht het podium terwijl ze een mix van pop, country en rock uitvoert van artiesten als Madonna en Phil Collins. Met haar zoete zang zal Christine je dag opfleuren met haar muziek. Christine is een multi genre Filipijnse live zangeres uit de Filippijnen. De meeste van haar genres zijn akoestisch, 80’s of 90’s discomuziek, pop, RnB, soft rock, klassiek, country, countryrock en filmsoundtrack. Christine geeft deze positieve energie bij het luisteren om haar stem te horen. We hoorden tal van deze liedjes en door de energie van Christine en haar persoonlijk verhaal, wist zij de bezoekers te motiveren tot het vullen van de donatie borden voor KiKa.

Natuurlijk wilden we meer weten over Christine!

How long have you been singing? And how did you get into Second Life?Through my curiosity i had found my way to Second Life. I found a Second Life add on a Yahoo page and had tried it. I started to sing in SL 2020. Singing was my way to cope up my depression due to being diagnose with cancer. I was Encourage by someone close to me. To be active and try to interact with other people in second life through singing.

What made you decide to join in and perform here at Why do you think it’s so important to raise awareness for childhood cancer?
I had been sponsoring and joining Cancer Charity Events in SL as well as I have Cancer support groups in RL as well. Since many years I had been taking part of Organized Charity events. Being part of this events gives me that sense of happiness and joy. Another reason is being In the same situation of having Cancer and knowing the things some cancer children are going through. I want to make my life worthy and fruitful. Since I was diagnosed I had Dedicated my life to be a help for others making my life worth to remember. Raising Awareness Is important, because the people around them can be their source of strength during this weak times. These children need people who would give them empowerment and reason to be positive in life and their fight against Cancer.

What would be your wish when you think of KiKa or children and their families who have to deal with the consequences of cancer on a daily basis?
I wish KiKa, the children and their families. Will never stop to Believe and have faith in our Lord God. When in time of Sadness,  always seek God’s Refuge and Pray. Cancer is not the end of everyone’s life we should not stop to live because we have Cancer. Cancer is not to be depress for to long nor be a down fall of ones life. They should stand up and Live the life they want it to be. Taking each day as another they to be happy and be thankful of.

Thank you,
Petra Oximoxi