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We donated!

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We donated € 4.062,27 to KiKa. This can be seen at the action page of Kika Actie Pagina van KiKa van 2023.

I received the last couple of months many questions about: if the money already was donated, if we knew already more, why it took so long.
I would like to clearify more about this  for everybody.
As known is Second Life from Linden Lab an USA company and we are Dutch as also is Kika. Because Linden Lab is American we have to deal with the USA Laws and Rules

The first years of our event it wasnt so strict but since 2 years the rules are tightend.
We have to be patience and calculate in now that it will take about 3 months before we get the clearify and being aible to donate the money to KiKa and then we can finaly close the books for that year.

The next steps we follow towards and after the event:

  • We announce to LL when we are having our event and send also right away an official letter from KiKa to LL that says also that we have commited ourselfs again to KiKa.
  • When we held our event we will request the same night to exchange the donated L$ to US Dollars.
  • In this proces are we vetted completely ( and KiKa) every year again.
  • After approximately 3 months and much communication once permission is granted, we will debit the money from the Inworld account.
  • After about 10 working days, it is finally at the KiKa account.
  • We then receive a letter from Kika confirming that it has been credited to the account and we forward it to LL to complete the year and then everything starts  over again for the new event.

Of course we are not sleeping in the meantime because as soon as the event is over we are already busy planning for the next event. We take newly learned lessons and apply them to the new event if we can, we discuss what needs to be done differently/can be improved and so much more.

So many beautiful things that will be realized again this year, such as:

  • The website will soon get a complete makeover.
  • We are entering our 5th year in Action for KiKa.
  • The new Action Pagina has been created at KiKa so that everyone can share it to receive as many donations as possible for KiKa, because every euro is one that helps!
  • Sponsor events are already being organized again.
  • Sponsors already register via the Help Mee button and via the English Button at the website
  • The registration forms for Dj’s en Hosten are now open again.

In this way I would like to say to each of you:
Thank you for your special warm heart for those who need it so much.
Thank you for helping to eradicate childhood cancer from the world.
Thank you!

I hope to see you all again at Edition 2024 in Action for KiKa from November 20, 2024 to November 24, 2024.

With Love,