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My wish this year is that no child dies from the effects of cancer……….

Tomorrow November 25, 2021 , 12 pm slt: 2021 will start. This year we are again committed to KiKa. Why? Because too many children are still told that they have cancer.

We want attention for Childhood Cancer. A cancer diagnosis is upsetting at any age, but especially when the patient is a child. In the United States in 2021, an estimated 10,500 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed among children from birth to 14 years and about 1,190 children are expected to die from the disease. Although cancer death rates for this age group have declined by 65 percent from 1970 to 2016, cancer remains the leading cause of death from disease among children. This information you can find on Every 3 days in the Netherlands a child dies because of cancer. This has to change! Yearly more then 550 childeren in Netherland gets cancer. 75% survives. We want more then 75% gets better! A child should not worry about his or her health, not live in fear of surviving the cancer. A child should be a child, play, learn, grow up. A child should be able to discover the stars instead of becoming a star in the sky ★. No child should have to fight for his or her life. All children have the right for a safe place to grow up, play and learn.

Sometimes I am asked why still organize an event like As good as that goes, I try to find the words why I think it is important to draw attention to it in this way. I regularly read blogs or websites about children with Cancer. Why? Personally, I think it’s important to know a little more about childhood cancer and what it does to both children and families. This makes it even more real for me, closer, I feel the urgency even more. And that makes the event even more valuable to me. Because while I read all those terrible stories, I know that the money that goes to KiKa will end up well. Will be spent on research that will help even more children to be cured of cancer. Because every child deserves a future!

KiKa is the only charity in the Netherlands that funds research on all forms of childhood cancer. KiKa raises funds for innovative research and other activities in the field of childhood cancer, aimed at less pain, more cure and a better quality of life. Furthermore, KiKa focuses on education on childhood cancer. 2021 event shall on behalf of KiKa be held from 25-11-2021 till 28-11-2021. We want to raise as much money as possible for KiKa. The focus will be on song requests and donations during the event. But also we will have Live Music, auctions. Raffles, merchandise and a market!

So if you want to help? We hope to see you this event! Donate, become a sponsor, spread the word , because together we can do more and be a change for these children!
I hope to see you all!

With love, Petra ❤

Date: November 25, 2021
Website : – Met elkaar maken we de wereld een stukje beter