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24 nov 2022 0 Comments
Behind the scenes : Zangeres Vanellope (Vanellopesl Resident)
Vandaag een interview in het Nederlands en Engels met Vanellope, een van de live artiesten op dit jaar.Today we have an interview with Vanellope, one of the live singers for in Action for Kika, Hallo Vanellope, Vertel eens ; wie ben je , [...]
23 nov 2022 0 Comments 2022 Starts tonight
Today is the day, 2022 in action for KiKa, starting at 12 om slt. What does stand for again? stands for an enthusiastic group of people who embrace a good cause every year, this is now KiKa for the 3rd year. [...]
22 dec 2021 0 Comments
De symbolische cheque is overhandigt – Today we handed the cheque symbolic to KiKa (Dutch&English)
———————————————————–Nederlands————————————————————- Vandaag was het dan zover dat we als vervolg op de storting, zoals vermeld in het eerdere blog, eindelijk de symbolisch cheque konden overhandigen aan KiKa. Vanwege Covid-19 was het via Skype. Ook hebben we de bedank brief ontvangen van KiKa als laatste bewijs [...]
7 dec 2021 0 Comments
Het is gestort!
We zijn ruim een week verder na het einde van in Actie voor KiKa 2021. Intussen zijn de eerste stappen voor in Actie voor KiKa 2022 alweer gezet. Er moest echter nog 1 ding gebeuren om in Actie voor KiKa 2021 echt [...]
7 dec 2021 0 Comments
Compilaties van in Actie voor KiKa 2021
Host Wendy Calabrese heeft het event gefilmd en daar elke dag een compilatie van gemaakt. Kijk mee en geniet weer van de momenten.         [...]
24 nov 2021 0 Comments 2021 It’s almost time!
My wish this year is that no child dies from the effects of cancer………. Tomorrow November 25, 2021 , 12 pm slt: 2021 will start. This year we are again committed to KiKa. Why? Because too many children are still told that they have [...]
20 nov 2021 0 Comments 2021 a closer acquaintance with the sponsors : Winter & Holly .
Our event is over. We would like to highlight our sponsors, First of all :TAO ( Together As One ) In 2020 we met Winter and Holly. With T.A.O. ( Together As One ) they organize events for charities, but always for children. They do [...]
16 nov 2021 0 Comments 2021 auctions & raffles
The last days and hours are ticking away. We are about to start, it is almost time : November 25th 2021. 10 days to go. The last clothes are washed, outfits are ready . Practice one more time. 2 more days before we get the [...]
6 nov 2021 0 Comments 2021 : The Sponsors
Like any major event, be it RL or SL, we absolutely cannot do without sponsors! Every possibility of sponsoring is possible and such a large event is in addition a contribution for a good cause, namely KiKa. Offcourse is this also an opportunity to bring [...]
2 okt 2021 0 Comments
Market Stalls for rent at the Final event 2023 of for KiKa
Market Stalls for rent at the Final event 2023 of for KiKa, the Dutch Childeren Cancer Society, from 22th november 2023 till 26th november 2023. You pay 1000L$ for the market stall and you get 25 prims. You can use those 25 prims as [...]