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24 nov 2021 0 Comments 2021 It’s almost time!
My wish this year is that no child dies from the effects of cancer………. Tomorrow November 25, 2021 , 12 pm slt: 2021 will start. This year we are again committed to KiKa. Why? Because too many children are still told that they have [...]
20 nov 2021 0 Comments 2021 a closer acquaintance with the sponsors : Winter & Holly .
Our event is over. We would like to highlight our sponsors, First of all :TAO ( Together As One ) In 2020 we met Winter and Holly. With T.A.O. ( Together As One ) they organize events for charities, but always for children. They do [...]
16 nov 2021 0 Comments 2021 auctions & raffles
The last days and hours are ticking away. We are about to start, it is almost time : November 25th 2021. 10 days to go. The last clothes are washed, outfits are ready . Practice one more time. 2 more days before we get the [...]
6 nov 2021 0 Comments 2021 : The Sponsors
Like any major event, be it RL or SL, we absolutely cannot do without sponsors! Every possibility of sponsoring is possible and such a large event is in addition a contribution for a good cause, namely KiKa. Offcourse is this also an opportunity to bring [...]
2 okt 2021 0 Comments
Market Stalls for rent at the Final event 2022 of for KiKa
Market Stalls for rent at the Final event 2021 of for KiKa, the Dutch Childeren Cancer Society, from 23th november 2021 till 27th november 2022. You pay 1000L$ for the market stall and you get 25 prims. You can use those 25 prims as [...]
26 sep 2021 0 Comments 2021: The Artists! 2021 proudly presents the amazing performers ! De line up: We have 5 amazing artists! Two of the artists are from Dutch soil who contribute and sing during 2021 ღღ HEDY ღღ (hedy.patrucci) Hedy’s career in music began at the age of 6 [...]
30 jul 2021 0 Comments
CharitySL.NL 2021 KiKa ( English update )
The goal for this year is to get attention for Childhood Cancer. A cancer diagnosis is upsetting at any age, but especially so when the patient is a child. In the United States in 2021, an estimated 10,500 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed [...]
21 dec 2020 0 Comments
Bedankbrief van KiKa – Thank you from KiKa
This message will be in Dutch and English for all our suporters. Dit bericht begint met Nederlands en daarna in het engels voor al onze suporters van Deze week ontving ik van KiKa de bevestigings brief en daarin een woord van dank voor onze [...]
4 aug 2020 0 Comments
Little Heroes
For children , against cancer. Every year, more than 550 children in the Netherlands develop cancer. At this moment, 75% of these children are cured, but sadly, 1 in 4 still die from the disease. Cancer is the number 1 cause of death by disease [...]